One of the great gifts from cerebral palsy is the ability to inspire. Recently I was humbled with the distinction of most inspirational member at the gym. Fellow members have discussed, with staff, the inspiration and motivation they feel from watching me show up and workout without complaint. The recognition caught me by surprise, as it seems to take place by simply going about my business. Many times, we don’t know the positive effect we may be having on others just by showing up.

The reason I began working at this gym was to start working with a new trainer. Somehow, I was paired up with Ian Padron, who has been awesome. We often mention our feelings about the purpose behind the partnership.  It didn’t happen by coincidence and now there seems to be evidence to support the theory. This kind of recognition doesn’t come without his help. Ian has been a patient motivator and buddy, with the knowledge to understand my capabilities before I know them. He motivates me to achieve, which allows us to motivate others. Ian has the vision, I just lift the weight.

The knowledge of motivating those around me only provides me with inspiration. It’s such a gift to have the ability and drives me to work harder. I hope to inspire as many people as possible, because we can all improve. The training has provided such strength and stability. It continues to improve the challenges of cerebral palsy. I’m so thankful to Gold’s Gym Woodinville and Ian Padron. The improvements have been awesome and the gift to inspire is humbling. After two years, hopefully we’re just getting started.



4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. while I find your accomplishments to be beyond belief, I am stunned by the lack of brain matter. who goes out to play golf when it is snowing?????????? only a Turner, or two. continued appreciation for your blog, and very happy that Ian worked out for you.


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