Without the Gym II

Having cerebral palsy causes movement to be important. Exercise has been one of the best ways to improve symptoms. While staying away from consistent movement seems to have the opposite impact. Without the help of exercise my muscles tend to become tighter and more rigid. This translates into making everyday tasks more challenging as mobility … More Without the Gym II

Without the Gym

We have gone a few weeks now without the ability to use the gym. While we all take measures to keep safe, along with protecting others from getting sick. One of the things we can do in protection of ourselves seems to be exercise. But, we get so used to simply going to the gym. … More Without the Gym

Mauna Kea

With one round of golf played and a couple more days into our vacation. We found ourselves ready to play again. This time playing the course we had been discussing for some time. During our prior year trip to the Big Island, we didn’t play golf at Mauna Kea. Instead choosing to play a second … More Mauna Kea