Ability to Listen

He says you have no friends. He says he protects you from being bullied. It was news to me, coming out of an evening conversation. The significance of the moment didn’t register at the time. Something to fight against was the thought in my head. The reason for these statements bouncing around the mind. She … More Ability to Listen

In the Quiet

The noise of life can cause distraction. Chaos entering the mind with calls to action. Getting lost in the world of peer pressure. Voiding the thoughts of our inner selves. Ignoring anything guiding us onto the path opposing social opinion. While social opinions arise from the people we have chosen. The friends chosen to spend … More In the Quiet

Broken Parts

The idea of broken parts doesn’t seem to make sense as kids. In my life, the words weren’t part of the vocabulary. Unless we were speaking on something mechanical. Some kind of part was broken on an engine. There might have been a broken piece on my bicycle. A part needed replacing before advancement could … More Broken Parts


It seems many times life boils down to decisions. Choices we make, guiding our lives in one direction or the other. Sometimes our decisions might carry small consequences. Like shopping for groceries, wondering if you feel like apples or bananas for a given week. Realizing in the back of your mind, a mistake can be … More Choosing