A One-Handed Catch

The moment was surprising. We were warming up to play our game of catch. The warm-up happens to begin each of our workout sessions. Before we start each of the workouts, we go through a stretching routine. Making sure our shoulders are loose and ready to rotate. I do arm circles, moving from small circles, … More A One-Handed Catch

Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: The Final Straw

I had been doing pretty well with my commitment. The challenge of getting my addictive behavior under control. Some significant changes had been made to my daily life. Removing myself from viewing the more damaging cites on the web. The limiting of my self-gratifying behavior had also seen improvement. I was tracking my number of … More Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: The Final Straw

Weight Shift: 33-33-33

Learning to shift my weight is another cerebral palsy challenge. Something requiring practice by repetition. Working on the crab movement has been all about shifting my weight. Attempting to maintain my balance using three points of stability. When the three points of balance become my limbs. Things can get even more tricky. In the past, … More Weight Shift: 33-33-33