We traveled to Seattle for our first visit of the new year. Boyer had been on our list of interests for some time. Receiving knowledge of the organization in the fall. The day wasn’t ideal for our journey. As the Seattle rain, soaked the roads we traversed along our way. While researching Boyer leading into … More Boyer

The Lunge

The lunge has been part of my workouts for a long time. They seem to be advantageous to cerebral palsy improvement. The lunge incorporates the ability to challenge balance. With the movement also challenging flexibility through the hips. These positive outcomes are present when lunging down the floor. Like any exercise presented, the lunge has … More The Lunge


It was the first day of my adaptive riding class. The nervous energy could be felt throughout the overcast morning. There wasn’t any way to know how the class was going to function. It felt like flying blind after only being on a horse twice in my life. The second time just a month prior … More Loki

Side Split-Jump

We have been working with markings on the floor for some time. The theme began with doing hopscotch. Bernard brought out small circular pads to be placed on the floor. Hopscotch was a game causing tremendous challenge during my youth. Usually leading to standing back, watching friends and classmates take on the hopscotch during recess. … More Side Split-Jump