Opposing Cerebral Palsy

Accepting the challenges of any disability seems difficult for us all. It could be easier to simply give in to whatever the disability presents. Attempting to make life simpler. However, allowing any condition to dictate functionality is probably counterproductive. Some illnesses or disabilities may pose unsurmountable obstacles. They could be degenerative, becoming worse as time … More Opposing Cerebral Palsy

Lighting the Night

Christmas lights have always been a favorite. Being a youngster putting up the lights was an anxiously awaited process. It was bothering my father until we got started. Thanksgiving weekend always being the target to look forward to. Whatever could be done to help him was fun, even in the rain. It became a way … More Lighting the Night

Road Trippin’

Road trips seem to be one of our favorite things. Ask someone if they would rather fly or drive. They might come back with an inquisition of how much time they have. If there isn’t much time to spare, flying is the key. Flying increases the time we get to spend at our destination. Who … More Road Trippin’

Those Excuses

We all make them from time to time. It seems part of our human experience. An excuse can be defined as a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. Helping coach junior football taught me many things. Not only did coaching provide a more intricate understanding of the game. … More Those Excuses

Meeting Mason

Mason is two and a half years old.  Like me, he was born with cerebral palsy. Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) to be more specific. It means Mason experienced oxygen deprivation to his brain. We were introduced through our chiropractor and his mom. After 36 years of life, it was my first time sitting down with … More Meeting Mason