It seems lefty can refer to someone who has a dominate left side. They throw or kick a ball more successfully with their left arm or left leg. Most times, those without a disability can use their opposite hand reasonably well. They might feel more comfortable lifting a glass with their dominate hand, but could … More Lefty

Another Year Begins

Helping coach junior football last year was more fun than I would have thought. It carried many lessons that have helped improve my thoughts about life. The opportunity came my way seemingly on a whim, when spending some time with a friend from high school. His son was playing and they were looking for another … More Another Year Begins

Thinking We Found It

The journey has lasted for years, but it seems the work with Dana has found its grove. We have experimented with many different ideas. The ideas have been to best improve cerebral palsy symptoms. These physical symptoms have been among the most challenging during my life. When beginning the trial of working with a chiropractor, … More Thinking We Found It

What If….

Do you ever think to yourself, what if life where different? It seems we probably all ask ourselves these questions on occasion. Was it really a good idea to take that job or should we have studied a little longer for that test. But, what about feeling responsible for things beyond your control. Discussing cerebral … More What If….