Cedar Park

A postcard fall day is one of my favorite things. That was the kind of day greeting us for the fifth game of the season. The drive to the game was pleasant under sunny skies. Fall had reached the northwest with a biting chill in the air. Gone were the short sleeves of summer, replaced … More Cedar Park

West Seattle

Game number four on the Jaguar schedule would be their first with something at stake. West Seattle would make their way to North Creek. It was going to be the first home game of the year for the Jags. West Seattle came into the game only having lost one prior game. The Jags had also … More West Seattle

North Seattle

The third game of this young season would tell us a lot. The Jaguars had gone through a rough first game of the year. They had followed up the tough defeat with a bounce back game, as they won game two. Now, the Jags went into another test on the road. This game could provide … More North Seattle


Coming off the first game it was challenging to know how the second one would play out. Questions entered my mind from the prior week. The Jags had struggled in Everett, looking slightly discombobulated for most the game. Even through getting pretty well beaten up for most the game, their effort remained. Their efforts paid … More Eastside