Pro Shop Beanie

There aren’t many rounds of golf like this. It was some of the worst conditions in which I’ve played. Crosswater sits at an elevation of 4100 feet and the weather in April can be unpredictable. However, it was a family vacation to Sun River in the high desert of Central Oregon. We have made the … More Pro Shop Beanie


One of the great gifts from cerebral palsy is the ability to inspire. Recently I was humbled with the distinction of most inspirational member at the gym. Fellow members have discussed, with staff, the inspiration and motivation they feel from watching me show up and workout without complaint. The recognition caught me by surprise, as … More Inspiration


Jealousy is an emotion we all feel. It’s defined as feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages. We might experience jealousy over another’s home or the car they drive. Maybe their career or relationships cause feelings of envy. The emotion has always felt complex. My feelings of jealousy include many things, … More Jealousy

Taking This Too Far

Balance is something we all strive toward. It’s designed to remove the extremes from our lives. Some of us have trouble finding the middle of situations. Living our lives in the gray area. Cerebral palsy can make it challenging to find the middle ground. In situations, my disability can also force me to view things … More Taking This Too Far