She was a mischievous cat if nothing else. One of the most entertaining animals I have been in the presence of. Though, for the eleven years she was a part of my mom’s life. Being in the presence of Hollie was a treat. An opportunity she would decide whether you would be given, or not … More Hollie

Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: Enchant Christmas

The field was filled with lights. It was Christmas time and we were standing in the home of the Seattle Mariners. Walking along the main concourse, the entire field could be seen. The Christmas tree, constructed of only lights, stood above the maze of activities. There was so much excitement to explore. We made our … More Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: Enchant Christmas

The Crab Position 

Another exercise eluding me in the years of my youth. I can remember being asked to Crab walk in a few situations. The movement felt like it was done in physical education classes in school. I would make a good-hearted effort each time it was assigned. Placing my hands behind my shoulders and my feet … More The Crab Position 


Hooping has been one of the most interesting exercises I have done. The name came to me because it feels like shooting baskets. When performing this exercise, we are using the large workout structure in the middle of the gym floor. The apparatus has all kinds of gadgets attached to it on all sides. There … More Hooping