Carrying the Bag

Playing golf seems to bring peace to the mind of many people. There becomes a certain serenity to spending four hours chasing around a small white ball. While playing golf can bring feelings of calm, it seems those feelings are more pronounced when walking the course. Walking while playing the round of golf adds another … More Carrying the Bag

The Next Step

We continue to work on finding the most productive ways to improve cerebral palsy symptoms. The journey Dana and I have shared has lasted almost nine years. Our work together has often felt like an experiment or case study. As we attempt to find the best ways to alleviate my struggles with cerebral palsy, maybe … More The Next Step

We Begin Again

Each trainer we work with looks at working out differently. As my journey with cerebral palsy continues, Monday was my first session with a new trainer. The final work out session with Ian concluded last week. This week began my work with Bernard and his perspectives. It takes time to become comfortable with someone different. … More We Begin Again


As ideas are found to help cerebral palsy, they are put to the test. We are interested in exploring how affective something has been. The supplement Muscle Ezze has helped my symptoms of cerebral palsy, the rigidly and tension in my body have been reduced. The quality of sleep has improved and anxiety has also … More Testing…Testing…

We Return and Renew

Traditions seem to be an important part of our culture. They provide something to look forward to each year. Often traditions bring about feelings of happiness and belonging. It can be a gathering of friends, who we don’t see often. This week has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year. Some people … More We Return and Renew

A Good Day

Sometimes we get to experience a day full of our favorite things. This week had one of those days. It was spent with my brother and began on the golf course. We played a round of golf in the morning. Then, the evening was spent experiencing opening day for the Mariners. Two of my favorite … More A Good Day