Intention Tremor

We learn new things every day. People around us tell a story we didn’t know, or we might read something, giving us a greater understanding on a topic. A longtime buddy of mine sent me a podcast a few months ago. It was an hour of information on cerebral palsy. A couple guys had done … More Intention Tremor

Good Directions

Cerebral palsy provides physical challenges, but my disability also carries emotional challenges. It is difficult to imagine the struggles my parents experienced in raising a child with CP. They have spoken before about their fruitless search for literature to help me succeed. There is no all-inclusive manual to my knowledge on how to raise a … More Good Directions

Humbling Gifts

There is no doubt cerebral palsy effects my self-esteem. It’s challenging to look and feel different from most people. I’m probably not the only person who struggles with the feeling of being different. Many of us look around comparing ourselves to others. It may not be a disability for you, but something entirely different that … More Humbling Gifts


Cerebral palsy is a neuromuscular deficit, which means it centers around difficulty with activities of my central nervous system. Because the nerves throughout my body don’t work correctly I deal with a lot of pain. The pain I go through can be both physical and emotional. Many times it can become a combination of the … More Pain