The Rope Line

Bernard and I were talking the other day about the jump rope. With my struggles jumping rope as a child. My curiosity was around how he knew I could pick up the jump rope? What was telling him with some persistence the movement would work out? He responded by telling me that he didn’t know. … More The Rope Line

Reaction Ball

Another ball was added in the last few weeks. It is referred to as a reaction ball. Completely different from the three balls we have used. I have been working with a lacrosse ball, tennis ball, and small spongy ball. Each of those are perfectly round. Giving them predictability when bouncing off the floor. The … More Reaction Ball

Double Rope Jumping

There seems to be a couple ways of jumping rope. Cerebral palsy making any method challenging. With all the timing and coordination required. The achievement of getting over the swinging rope was monumental. Something I struggled with mightily as a child. When other kids on the playground appeared to clear the rope with ease. Eventually … More Double Rope Jumping

Sponge Ball Catch

Playing catch has been more fun than challenging. Possibly due to the amount it can be adjusted. The ball can be tossed with more or less force. This translates into how challenging it might be to catch. The ball we have been playing catch with is called a sponge ball, after some research. I found … More Sponge Ball Catch

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most challenging movements. During my childhood, it was one of the most frustrating. Watching kids spin the rope around themselves with ease. Not taking them long to get the hang of hopping over the moving rope. Soon, they moved on to playing in small groups. Taking a larger rope, … More Jumping Rope

Small Ball Toss

The time had arrived to move forward from the lacrosse and tennis balls. We weren’t going to abandon working with them. But, Bernard wanted to progress the movement by adding another challenge to the mix. The new ball was small and squishy. Similar to the size of the small bouncy balls we used as kids. … More Small Ball Toss

Ten Bounces

Cerebral palsy can have its impact on different parts of the body. Sometimes only the upper half or lower half. Other times the disability might influence only the left or right side. In my case, cerebral palsy has an impact on my entire body. The left side is more impaired, but cerebral palsy can be … More Ten Bounces

Repetition Penalty

It pays to be a winner. This has been a phrase used by Bernard. He has utilized it the entire time we have worked together. With many aspects going into the phrase. It helps activate one of the most important concepts needed in training, focus. When the mind begins to wonder inside the gym or … More Repetition Penalty

Tennis Ball Bounce

The time had arrived to move on from the lacrosse ball in our bouncing exercise. Life had found me beginning to play tennis regularly. That play gave Bernard a couple new ideas for our sessions. One was starting to work with the tennis ball in my hands. It was going to be a more challenging … More Tennis Ball Bounce

Lacrosse Ball Bounce

Catching any type of object in my hand is challenging. Especially in my left hand, which seems more impacted by CP. One of the goals of Bernard has been to work on hand dexterity. Working on not only the left, but right hand as well. It has also been important to work with each hand … More Lacrosse Ball Bounce