Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: Writing

Writing doesn’t feel like an activity that comes to mind when thinking about a healing journey. I began writing this blog long before I recognized my challenges. I started seeing a psychologist years before the thought of sexual fantasies even nudged my radar. The interesting thing about life can be looking back. All of the small things … More Addiction and Cerebral Palsy: Writing

Skiing and Cerebral Palsy: Fluidity of Movement

The opinion of another person can often be valuable. Especially when the person providing the information has good knowledge and insights. As Bernard watched my movements inside the gym, he could understand things I wouldn’t notice. Sometimes I was feeling good and he was noticing some tightness in my movements. At other times, the stiff … More Skiing and Cerebral Palsy: Fluidity of Movement

A First-Class Trip

I have been told, life doesn’t boil down to the opportunities one might be given. Life comes down to the decisions we make. The things we decide to do with those opportunities presented. We all have the chance to make good choices. We also have the choice to squander the opportunities we are presented. I … More A First-Class Trip