Final Two Agilities 

In the round of agilities performed during most training sessions. The final two present the most challenge. They feel most difficult to maintain balance. While, the first two, the side-slide and karaoke, feel like they place more pressure on my footwork. The last two exercises are a high-knee skip and walking backwards. These two agilities … More Final Two Agilities 

Playing More Catch

Learning to catch different types of objects has been helpful to cerebral palsy improvement. The activity requires many movements to be brought together. All having to be coordinated in order to make a catch successfully. Playing catch was an exercise I had never thought much about. Going outside to play was as natural as eating … More Playing More Catch

The Scare-Lift

Using the word scare-lift seems interesting terminology. Something made up, used as some kind of description. In fact, that was exactly how the term came out of my mouth. Sitting in the office of the psychologist, Dr. Dave. I was meaning to discuss my fear around riding a chairlift. Dr. Dave has skied all of … More The Scare-Lift

Playing Catch 

Playing catch has always been fun. Since I can remember, I have enjoyed throwing any kind of ball. Whether tossing a football or baseball back and forth. There has also been fun had with passing a basketball and soccer ball. Something I did not realize until recently was the importance of playing catch. The value … More Playing Catch 

The Speed Rope

The speed rope was a completely new challenge. We had been working with a standard jump rope for a few months. Concentrating on building the coordination of my body. Starting with the double-jumping as a timing mechanism. While, the two jumps helped keep my balance, as the rope traveled. Then, we moved from gaining the … More The Speed Rope