Weight Shift: 33-33-33

Learning to shift my weight is another cerebral palsy challenge. Something requiring practice by repetition. Working on the crab movement has been all about shifting my weight. Attempting to maintain my balance using three points of stability. When the three points of balance become my limbs. Things can get even more tricky. In the past, … More Weight Shift: 33-33-33

I Wanted a Drink

I was sitting in a booth and watching college football. Following dinner, after returning from the Oregon State game. The hotel was the same, having dinner after the game was the same. Everything about the evening was occurring normally. Until, I decided to wonder back up to the counter for a drink. During recent trips, … More I Wanted a Drink


She was a mischievous cat if nothing else. One of the most entertaining animals I have been in the presence of. Though, for the eleven years she was a part of my mom’s life. Being in the presence of Hollie was a treat. An opportunity she would decide whether you would be given, or not … More Hollie