Large Grip Utensils

 In my attempt to try new things for cerebral palsy improvement. I came across utensils with larger handles. They seemed like an interesting idea to experiment. Thinking about the challenge of holding smaller grips. Most eating utensils in my life have thin grips. Not much to help me stabilize. Whether, gathering the food from the … More Large Grip Utensils

The Wrist Band Key

Working with any kind of key is challenging. The difficulty has occurred throughout my life. The first key of challenge was the house key. A nasty little thing, causing problems to this day. Trying to hold it in my hand correctly. Then, extend it outward to meet the lock just right. Any shake of the … More The Wrist Band Key

Single Rope Jumping

Beginning to accomplish jumping rope has been exciting. Introduced by Bernard to work on a variety of concepts. Everything geared toward cerebral palsy improvement. Jumping rope combined many physical aspects needing work, into one movement. The exciting part of discovering jumping rope was the activity becoming possible. It meant we could use the exercise moving … More Single Rope Jumping

Pen Grip

Handwriting felt like an important part of life during my youth. We were taught handwriting in school. Working on the ability to make our writing legible. While at the same time, attempting to write quickly. These skills were challenging to master with my disability. Cerebral palsy causing my fine motor movements to be difficult. Though, … More Pen Grip

Cross-Over Bounce 

I grew up loving the game of basketball. Shooting hoops in my driveway. Dreaming of playing on the high school team. Like my father and uncles had done during their school days. Believing if I practiced enough, there would be a spot. Cerebral palsy might limit me to the final man on the bench. But, … More Cross-Over Bounce 

The Button Hook

Everybody could use a good tool. No matter what kind of physical task you’re attempting to accomplish. Sometimes all that is required might be your hands. For most people who are typically developed, a solid set of hands works well. But, when the hands are impacted by a disability, they might need assistance. For me, … More The Button Hook

Pointer Finger RDL

The method of RDL we have used is single legged. Performing like a hinge from the waist. One leg is used to steady myself. The opposite leg comes off the ground and extends behind the body. All of this occurring while the upper body tilts forward to the floor. Then, the same move is done … More Pointer Finger RDL