North Seattle

The third game of this young season would tell us a lot. The Jaguars had gone through a rough first game of the year. They had followed up the tough defeat with a bounce back game, as they won game two. Now, the Jags went into another test on the road. This game could provide … More North Seattle


Coming off the first game it was challenging to know how the second one would play out. Questions entered my mind from the prior week. The Jags had struggled in Everett, looking slightly discombobulated for most the game. Even through getting pretty well beaten up for most the game, their effort remained. Their efforts paid … More Eastside

We Miss You Bubba

It was an early June morning. The sunlight peeking through the window, after a restful night. The knock on my door wasn’t startling, even in the 5am hour. Bogie wasn’t doing so good and it was time to go see him. We had a little time, so jumped in the shower to wake myself up. … More We Miss You Bubba

Dragon 3

Once securely back inside the bar, they noticed their table had been infringed upon. Thinking on their feet, the small group noticed an elevated table next to the main exit of the Dragon. The table was small and of a circular shape. Sitting at about bar height, the table was surrounded by four bar stools. … More Dragon 3

The No-Way List

Maybe we all have things we don’t believe are achievable. In instances like this, cerebral palsy might reek more havoc than it should. There could be different lists for different areas of someone’s life, or just one long list. In the world we live, things weren’t designed for someone with cerebral palsy challenges. It has … More The No-Way List

Barking Again

It was almost exactly one year ago that we spread bark in my mom’s yard. Last year our project was the backyard at her house. This week we have taken on the front yard. It’s no small job, as 25 yards of the bark/mulch combo where delivered on Thursday. My mom, brother, and I have … More Barking Again

Putting It Together

Every journey of our life seems to have challenges. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we have chosen the journey, or the journey was given. Those roads provide many emotions along the way. These roads can provide us with happiness, frustration, emotions that overwhelm, and everything in between. The journey of cerebral palsy was given … More Putting It Together

The Ladder

The agility ladder has been another tool used during workouts. Unlike the agility hurdles, the ladder doesn’t focus on moving over something. The ladder tends to focus on footwork and balance. Movement through the agility ladder seems to happen at an increased pace, with smaller movements. It also challenges my balance, hampered by cerebral palsy, … More The Ladder