Gym Shape

The challenge was understanding the impact. The impact of being away from the gym. The facility was closed for about four months. Due to the pandemic, we have all found ourselves involved. There was an immediate impact felt when training sessions went back. The gym provided much more opportunity. The flexibility to use different machines. … More Gym Shape

Turkish Get Up

The time away from the gym environment has been exciting. Exploring training sessions using the advancements of modern technology. Providing the opportunity to remain in shape while remaining home. The sessions outside the gym were different from being inside a facility. We worked with everything at our deposal. Even ordering some new gadgets to help … More Turkish Get Up

Off to Oregon

The junior college experience was great. My first time moving away from home. Up the road to the north about ninety miles. Living on the campus of a university. Having the opportunity to experience life inside a dormitory. Getting the chance to enjoy meals inside a cafeteria. Surrounded by people of similar age for most … More Off to Oregon

Not Quite Ready

Leaving my hometown for college was a large step. Taking the risk of living somewhere different from a place of comfort. Because, living with cerebral palsy becomes more simplistic when surroundings are familiar. Having an understanding of the physical environment of each day. The knowledge of familiarity helps with the unpredictability of executing physical tasks. … More Not Quite Ready