Throwing A Ball

Throwing a ball has always been a part of my life. Growing up I threw any kind of ball you could think to throw. The type of ball being thrown or passed often depended on the time of year. During the summers a baseball was thrown, or a tennis ball being used in place of … More Throwing A Ball

The Ski Boot

Skiing has turned out to be one of the best activities for cerebral palsy improvement. The reason stems from the required movement patterns involved. In order to arrive safely at the bottom of a ski slope, many different muscles become involved. We are using all of our limbs. They are all required to move independently … More The Ski Boot

Waikoloa Beach Course

We had just finished the seventh hole of the Beach Course at Waikoloa. The only hole on the course running along the ocean. Just the final hundred yards of the par-5, with the green perched above the Pacific. A whale had surfaced for air during the preparation of my approach into the seventh green. After … More Waikoloa Beach Course