The Ski Boot

Skiing has turned out to be one of the best activities for cerebral palsy improvement. The reason stems from the required movement patterns involved. In order to arrive safely at the bottom of a ski slope, many different muscles become involved. We are using all of our limbs. They are all required to move independently … More The Ski Boot


Working on the challenges cerebral palsy presents can seem tricky. We think about where the incentive to get better comes from. It seems like it would be easy to let cerebral palsy win, especially at a young age. Having parents around to help with things feels common for children. When a disability becomes involved the … More Incentive

Any Shoe

For many people the idea of choosing a pair of shoes might not be exciting. We could have different criteria for choosing them. Some are designed to keep us warm, or to be used during athletic endeavors. Shoes are purchased for formal occasions, or because we like the way a pair appears. Growing up with … More Any Shoe

Processing Failure

Even when we desire success without hesitation, it doesn’t always go our way. There can be a let down from giving our best effort and coming up short. Failure can be defined as the lack of success and success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. When we don’t succeed at something, … More Processing Failure

Air to Speak

Conversations can take us in many directions. Sometimes talking with friends can be casual, without a distinct point of discussion. Still, there are other interactions that bring to light productive information. These informational talks could begin explaining something we didn’t have the words to express. Speaking has sometimes been a task of challenge during my … More Air to Speak

The August Wedding II

They walked through a couple buildings before finding a group from the wedding. He was immediately engaging in conversation with old friends. Skinny disappeared, being pulled aside by the groom’s father. After visiting with the small gathering, many of whom were part of the bridal party, they found their way to the cocktail hour. They … More The August Wedding II

Another Step

The acceptance of cerebral palsy can be challenging. This process can take many twists and turns through life. For me, the acceptance and understanding of cerebral palsy has been ongoing. While growing up it was challenging to think about my disability. Days were spent placing it out of my mind, attempting to work at physical … More Another Step

The Lacrosse Ball

When thinking about cerebral palsy symptoms it seems important to think about how difficult they can be to handle. Some feel like they have more of an impact than others. One of the most challenging aspects of cerebral palsy has been hand manipulation. More specifically, the manipulation of my left hand. Cerebral palsy has its … More The Lacrosse Ball