Skiing and Cerebral Palsy: Graduating Daisy

Skiing for the past year and a half has been a blast. The benefits for helping cerebral palsy improvement have been evident. Improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and more overall ability to move has made skiing well worth the participation. My journey to get back into skiing really began in the winter of 2022. After emotionally … More Skiing and Cerebral Palsy: Graduating Daisy

Trying Four Days

There was a buildup in the number of training sessions to my credit. I have been working out with Bernard for a few years. We began working with each other twice per week. That number moved up to three times per week, after working for about two years. I liked the perspectives he had on … More Trying Four Days

Catching A Variety 

I enjoy thinking about the progression of an exercise. Remembering where things began and where they stand currently. The playing of catch feels like the most impactful activity in our workout sessions. Because, I have always felt the movement of my hands has been my largest challenge. Cerebral palsy has impacted the way my hands … More Catching A Variety 

Be the Victim

There are different kinds of abusive behavior. The two coming to mind for me, are emotional and physical. When individuals become physically abusive, the signs can be obvious. The unmistakable image of watching someone being pushed around or hit. The signs of emotional abuse seem like they can be more hidden. We question something that … More Be the Victim

A One-Handed Catch

The moment was surprising. We were warming up to play our game of catch. The warm-up happens to begin each of our workout sessions. Before we start each of the workouts, we go through a stretching routine. Making sure our shoulders are loose and ready to rotate. I do arm circles, moving from small circles, … More A One-Handed Catch