The Rope Line

Bernard and I were talking the other day about the jump rope. With my struggles jumping rope as a child. My curiosity was around how he knew I could pick up the jump rope? What was telling him with some persistence the movement would work out? He responded by telling me that he didn’t know. … More The Rope Line

Reaction Ball

Another ball was added in the last few weeks. It is referred to as a reaction ball. Completely different from the three balls we have used. I have been working with a lacrosse ball, tennis ball, and small spongy ball. Each of those are perfectly round. Giving them predictability when bouncing off the floor. The … More Reaction Ball

Double Rope Jumping

There seems to be a couple ways of jumping rope. Cerebral palsy making any method challenging. With all the timing and coordination required. The achievement of getting over the swinging rope was monumental. Something I struggled with mightily as a child. When other kids on the playground appeared to clear the rope with ease. Eventually … More Double Rope Jumping