Thirty-seven years was all it took. There seems to be things that bring people together. They find a commonality that may have been shared for years. That commonality in our family has always been the game of golf. It’s the activity shared not only with my brother, but also with my father. If anything was … More Healing

Muscle Ezze

Having cerebral palsy leaves me in constant search. The search for better ways to help the challenges of CP. Those tests include helping physical symptoms, which can contribute to experiencing emotional obstacles. Tension and rigidity have been hallmarks in my body each day. It has lead me down many paths in search of relief. Whether … More Muscle Ezze

Moving On

Sometimes situations come our way unexpectedly. People come into our lives in unforeseen ways, then those relationships might change. This week the news came that the trainer I’ve been working with is moving on. He has decided to change his career, leaving the gym in just a few weeks. Ian has been studying to get … More Moving On


A dog can often be described as a best friend to someone. Sometimes a dog serves as the best friend of multiple people. Think of family dogs, who are looked after by more than one person. The family dog also looks after more than a single person. Bogie has been part of our family for … More Bogie