Barking Again

It was almost exactly one year ago that we spread bark in my mom’s yard. Last year our project was the backyard at her house. This week we have taken on the front yard. It’s no small job, as 25 yards of the bark/mulch combo where delivered on Thursday. My mom, brother, and I have … More Barking Again

Putting It Together

Every journey of our life seems to have challenges. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we have chosen the journey, or the journey was given. Those roads provide many emotions along the way. These roads can provide us with happiness, frustration, emotions that overwhelm, and everything in between. The journey of cerebral palsy was given … More Putting It Together

The Ladder

The agility ladder has been another tool used during workouts. Unlike the agility hurdles, the ladder doesn’t focus on moving over something. The ladder tends to focus on footwork and balance. Movement through the agility ladder seems to happen at an increased pace, with smaller movements. It also challenges my balance, hampered by cerebral palsy, … More The Ladder


One of the most important factors of battling cerebral palsy has been movement. Cerebral palsy begins causing the most pain when we don’t work on flexibility. Using the agility hurdles was new for workouts with Bernard. When working with Ian, agility wasn’t part of our workout program. Even before working with Ian, the original trainer … More Hurdles

Cerebral Palsy First

Our workouts today are being pushed further than they have been in the past. It seems each week brings something new to experiment with. It also feels like something new about cerebral palsy can be learned. With the movements becoming more complex, I’m also gaining new information about movement patterns themselves. The way our mind … More Cerebral Palsy First