Echo Falls

Playing golf around home is different from playing while traveling. There’s much more familiarity with the courses. Echo Falls has been a course played each summer. After having played somewhere so much it’s challenging to remember the first time I played Echo. It’s a unique course winding itself through a neighborhood not far from my … More Echo Falls

Coaching Football

Sports have always been a part of life. We spent summers playing golf and going to baseball games. The fall was spent watching college football. My father had Seahawk tickets, so once a year I went to a professional football game. During the winter, we spent time watching basketball. All sports were played in backyards … More Coaching Football

New Plateaus

We all work hard at something. Maybe we work at all kinds of things. Setting goals for ourselves often keeps us moving in the right direction. But what about achieving goals you didn’t think were possible? Finding something you thought would require an entire life to achieve, has been accomplished much more quickly. Making improvements … More New Plateaus