Hip Abduction

Working on the strength and flexibility of the hips has been important. The strength in the hips and glutes helps many activities become more productive. One of the weakest muscles in me has been the glutes. The weakness in them seems to make walking more challenging. That lack of strength could be a major reason … More Hip Abduction

Hitting the Slopes

For the second week in a row we left just as the sun was rising. Heading up the mountain for a day in the snow. Skiing has become more important as the years have progressed. Learning about the positive impact of the activity on CP. The hobby has always been fun to be involved with. … More Hitting the Slopes

Turns, Snow, & Loki

It was cold this week while traveling to ride. The snow was showering gently with temperatures hovering around freezing. This week would mark the fourth-time riding on horseback. We missed our second week of riding as snow blanketed the area. But, we have gotten back on track with cooperation from Mother Nature. The lightly falling … More Turns, Snow, & Loki


Cerebral palsy can cause the navigation of steps to be challenging. For me, not all steps are created equal. There are flights of stairs creating little challenge. The stair case in my home doesn’t cause anxiety to walk. It could be due to the familiarity of walking up and down them. The same can be … More Stairs