Continuing Flight

After we concur fear, doing it again becomes challenging. Similar to an athlete or team in any sport. When they prove to themselves great performances are within. The test would be completing another good performance. Following years of fear with flying, breaking through was exciting. To fly again opened all kinds of possibilities. Maybe going … More Continuing Flight

Learning to Fly

Flying seems to be something causing many of us discomfort. For some people the notion of flying on an airplane can be downright scary. My fear of flying kept me grounded for ten years. What does the fear of flying have to do with cerebral palsy you might ask? Well, my fear of flight seemed … More Learning to Fly

Welcome Back

It was up the coast again to Turtle Bay. For the second year, we made the hour drive to the North Shore. The Palmer course at Turtle Bay had been calling our name for a year. When we played the course a year ago, it was impressive. A course which had hosted the Champions Tour … More Welcome Back

Sandie From Calgary

Playing golf can often be about the people around you. Sometimes we play the game with someone we wouldn’t have met otherwise. On our trip to Hawaii this year, we were joined by a gentleman. We found out early in the round that he was from Calgary. There often becomes apprehension on my part when … More Sandie From Calgary

It’s Family

Every so often we get one of those moments. You know the ones, where everything seems to click into place. Things are different than they were before. Many times, you might look around questioning if you’re the only one feeling this. Odds are if you feel something more positive, someone else does too. Christmas was … More It’s Family