Tennis Ball Bounce

The time had arrived to move on from the lacrosse ball in our bouncing exercise. Life had found me beginning to play tennis regularly. That play gave Bernard a couple new ideas for our sessions. One was starting to work with the tennis ball in my hands. It was going to be a more challenging … More Tennis Ball Bounce

Lacrosse Ball Bounce

Catching any type of object in my hand is challenging. Especially in my left hand, which seems more impacted by CP. One of the goals of Bernard has been to work on hand dexterity. Working on not only the left, but right hand as well. It has also been important to work with each hand … More Lacrosse Ball Bounce

Heavier Exercise Ball

We have been throwing different size exercise balls lately. Tossing them against a trampoline in a movement we call rebounding. The exercise also involves practice with targeting. The trampoline rebounds the ball back to me, where I’m required to make the catch. The ball then gets thrown back against the trampoline, repeating the cycle. For … More Heavier Exercise Ball