Under the Lights

As lovers of sport, we all seem to have our favorite event. It might be The Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Masters, or The World Serious. If we’re slightly crazy about sport, maybe it’s more than one event. One of my favorite games to watch throughout the year is The Rose Bowl. Each New Year’s Day … More Under the Lights

Home Cookin’

Our undefeated season would continue with a home game. It was my first-time coaching at the home field. Getting ready for the game this week didn’t require looking up directions. The home field of our team is the same field of my high school home games. I didn’t play football in high school, but spent … More Home Cookin’

Backing It Up

One of the most challenging things in sports is backing up a good performance. The team can experience letdown following a significant victory. Gaining the top spot of our league could lead to this letdown. It’s possible for our team to feel they’ve accomplished their goal. Following our game to earn the first-place position, we … More Backing It Up

Missing A Couple Games

Things come about during life. We are asked to become involved in something unexpected. At times those activities turn out great, while other times unfulfilling. When coming across something that becomes motivational, it can be challenging to miss time. Still, the prior commitments are important and fulfilling. A wedding and vacation took time away from … More Missing A Couple Games

Eastside Catholic

Eastside Catholic was our first opponent. Coming off our success in the jamboree, it was time to play the first full game. We would play on Saturday afternoon at their home field. The first full football game would be a new experience in our journey. Some of the kids would be playing in their first … More Eastside Catholic


The Jamboree was the first time our kids played live football. The first time being on a field as a football coach. Not only as an assistant football coach, but uniquely as one having cerebral palsy. There was much apprehension going into the day. As any new situation would cause some uncertainty, the surroundings would … More Jamboree

Coaching Football

Sports have always been a part of life. We spent summers playing golf and going to baseball games. The fall was spent watching college football. My father had Seahawk tickets, so once a year I went to a professional football game. During the winter, we spent time watching basketball. All sports were played in backyards … More Coaching Football