We had arrived at our final game of the season. A season which was unlike my first year of coaching junior football. In my first year of coaching we completed the season undefeated. Experiencing our first loss when playing for the championship. This year we were going into our final game without having experienced a … More Lightning

A Horse

The horse has been an animal I have little experience around. They are the main focus involved in many shows and movies. A horse has often been an animal of intrigue during my life. Though my only time on horseback was on vacation in my youth. It was an exciting experience and I couldn’t tell … More A Horse


Cerebral palsy can cause a feeling of the world around us being designed for others. It certainly seems true, most of the world we inhabit was structured for those without disabilities. The simple fact leaves us with challenges of finding ways to adjust. Sometimes attempting to make those adjustments can bring on feelings of loneliness. … More Doors