Eastside Catholic

Eastside Catholic was our first opponent. Coming off our success in the jamboree, it was time to play the first full game. We would play on Saturday afternoon at their home field. The first full football game would be a new experience in our journey. Some of the kids would be playing in their first … More Eastside Catholic

Mt. Si. Golf

Mt. Si is another golf course in the area around home. It sits just outside the town of North Bend. Mt. Si. Golf course is sculpted on land in the shadow of Mt. Si. The course has similarities to Snoqualmie Falls golf course and Tall Chief golf course. Like those courses, Mt Si has a … More Mt. Si. Golf


The Jamboree was the first time our kids played live football. The first time being on a field as a football coach. Not only as an assistant football coach, but uniquely as one having cerebral palsy. There was much apprehension going into the day. As any new situation would cause some uncertainty, the surroundings would … More Jamboree

Snoqualmie Falls Golf

This week we played another local course. Snoqualmie Falls golf course sits in the Snoqualmie valley just outside Fall City. It’s a golf course we’ve begun playing consistently this summer. Snoqualmie Falls has many similarities to the course of my youth. Tall Chief sat about ten minutes from Snoqualmie Falls and the topography of both … More Snoqualmie Falls Golf