A journey can be defined as a long and often difficult process of personal change and development. My life with Cerebral Palsy can be described this way. I’m Peter Turner and this blog is about the journey of my life. I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy after becoming lodged in the birth canal on my way into the world. The trauma of those split seconds without oxygen to my brain has sent me on a unique path. CP is a non-progressive condition affecting the parts of the brain controlling movement and posture.

Starting this blog is an intimidating proposition. It involves vulnerability I have gone through life trying to avoid. The challenge of opening up about my journey with cerebral palsy both excites me and scares me. The neuromuscular deficits I have moved through life with provide struggles each day. It’s a bummer to be hampered with cerebral palsy. However, it has taught me many things throughout my 39 years. CP requires patience, persistence, and adaptability. It teaches me each day never to quit. At times cerebral palsy leaves me frustrated, disheartened and jealous of those not disabled.


Come in and explore the things I do to improve my cerebral palsy, the challenges it provides, my journey of accepting CP, and the process to sharing the journey. Enjoy your visit to cpjourney.com. My hope is you find something positive to take with you.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter, so impressed with your strength to share your journey. Your blog is an inspiration. Esadeta


  2. LOVE these stories Pete. Thank you for your courage, your vulnerability and for your strength. You’re an amazing writer. I will forever look at a glass of water with lemon in it and think of you.


  3. Pete, these writings are so inspirational to everyone, not just those with CP. You have such a knack and talent for it. Your mom told me about your blog a couple years ago but for some reason I never looked it up. Now I can’t stop reading!! You probably don’t know it but you have always been an inspiration to me. Your ability to see life in such a positive way will continue to bring joy to all the lives you touch with this blog. Hope to see you soon😘


  4. continue to enjoy your revelations of every day life for you. I gotta admit, you are doing some of the coolest things while coping with CP. we are looking forward to being together for Christmas, and can’t wait to see the decorations, as always.


  5. If you could see what I could see…a man who truly inspires so many of us. Your journey…your path…your courage….And to share it all with us!

    YOU ARE A GIFT to those of us who feel so handicapped in our own ways and life trials.

    I miss your sweet, but incredibly strong soul at FM!


  6. Reading your blog has given me more insight into what an amazing man you are ( if that’s even possible ). As your share your insights on living with CP you are helping others both with the disability and those without. Thank you Pete! You are an inspiration to many!


  7. Hi Peter,
    I’ve just finally caught up on your blogging and am so blown away by how great they are….they were good when you started, but OMG they have blossomed so very much. When will you do a book? Your writing is so strong…..it would be anazing!
    I’m going to email you!


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