Posture has been a popular word throughout much of my life. Cerebral palsy has been part of making good posture difficult to achieve. The disability has altered my body by the toll it takes on the left side. Some muscles are inflicted with too much tension, while others aren’t strong enough. Cerebral palsy seems to … More Posture

Stepping Away

Sometimes we make decisions that are challenging. After beginning to help coach another year of junior football, a different feeling protruded. New ways of thinking brought me to deciding against coaching. There has been desire to pursue other endeavors in my life as well. The things learned in my year of coaching will help me … More Stepping Away

La Grande Scramble

We journeyed to La Grande, Oregon last weekend on a four-day trip. La Grande sits at almost three thousand feet of elevation. The small Eastern Oregon town rests in the shadows of mountains on all sides. We made the six-hour road trip to visit the brother of a high school buddy. He has called the … More La Grande Scramble