CTC Tour

Over the last few months we have been meeting with people and organizations geared toward helping children with special needs. Often these organizations not only provide support for the child, but also the family. This week we had a chance to meet with the children’s therapy center. They have four locations which serve children in … More CTC Tour

BFR Training

Blood Flow Restrictive training is an exercise technique which manipulates the body’s circulatory system. It uses inflatable belts around your arm or leg to slow blood flow to the limb. The systems allow for the use of lighter weights, which reduces the risk of muscle strain or joint strain. The light loads being used also … More BFR Training

Bosu Squat

As with many exercises in the gym, there continues to be another step. Once we get comfortable with a movement, it seems advantageous to move the movement forward. The concept has been something Bernard has done well. Every time something gets accomplished that didn’t seem possible, he sticks with the concept of pushing forward. The … More Bosu Squat

Bosu Balance

The Bosu Ball has been an important part of working on balance. A tool used in the gym with a flat side on one side and half a ball on the other. We began testing my balance on the ball side. Bernard had me stand on top, attempting to balance on one leg. It didn’t … More Bosu Balance