Muscle Ezze

Having cerebral palsy leaves me in constant search. The search for better ways to help the challenges of CP. Those tests include helping physical symptoms, which can contribute to experiencing emotional obstacles. Tension and rigidity have been hallmarks in my body each day. It has lead me down many paths in search of relief. Whether it’s working out, stretching, chiropractic, massage, or medication, attempting multiple strategies has been welcome. When finding something that has my body feeling more relaxed, the process is added. The tension in my body can also cause frustrating periods. During times of stress it can be near impossible to calm the muscles in my body. The sustained tension only multiplies the emotions of anxiety, creating a vicious cycle. Often times, the result becomes losing sleep, overeating, and periods of depression. When muscles struggle with completely releasing their tension, the body and mind have trouble gaining restful sleep. Without that peaceful sleep, negative emotions seem to find themselves a playground. After reaching another point of frustration with my body, the search began to find more relief for cerebral palsy. The search revealed an uptick in seeing the chiropractor and a natural supplement to help with sleep. There wasn’t any way to know if these two ideas would work, but they were worth a shot.

Medication has always felt like an uncomfortable solution. It seemed there would be more natural ways to relieve symptoms of CP. My system has often been sensitive to any kind of medication. Though anti-anxiety medications have worked well in the past, they haven’t seemed a permanent solution. However, those medications do work well for flying and in times of acute stress. The discomfort brought on from taking them often has been their addictive properties. With signs of addiction in our family, it has felt important to be cautious with any medication with those properties. Going through some anxiety riddled periods found me taking the anti-anxiety meds more often. Instead of reserving them for flying, they became useful to help with sleep. Even just taking them one or two nights a week was beginning to cause concern. It came to mind that if we could find another solution, something to help relieve tension brought on by cerebral palsy, sleep would come more easily. More successful rest could help stress and relieve anxiety. Achieving the goal of peaceful sleep without the anti-anxiety drug would be a success.

The first place to look for a solution seemed to be my doctor. She thought finding something to relieve rigidity from cerebral palsy would help other things. So, my doctor wanted to do some research on things that could help. My concern was over any muscle relaxant having the same addictive properties of an anti-anxiety. If that was the case, we would simply be running into the same problem. She agreed with an addiction issue, as she has been concerned over the same issue. But, the doctor informed me of muscle relaxants that are void of addictive properties and she wanted to look into the idea. My doctor came up with a couple medications that might relieve the spasticity and tension from CP. However, they would still be solutions of medication, which my body usually has trouble with. After researching the medications, they seemed to have side-affects that could be uncomfortable. One drug looked more potent than the other, so my thought became the gentler of the two medications might work. It would still take some contemplation before plunging into the medication.

Discussing the medication options with my chiropractor changed my thought pattern. The conversation began with informing him about these different medications my doctor had found. We talked about trying to further relieve my symptomology, hopefully resulting in improved sleep. I wanted to look at whether reducing my rigidly could also take away anxiety. He had a possible solution different from medication. There were two natural supplements he had for me to try. They would keep me away from medication and could be easier on my system. Both supplements were designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle spasms. They would also help relieve muscle cramping and calm the central nervous system. These have all been areas of struggle through my life. My cerebral palsy affecting the central nervous system as it relates to regulating movement. The options Dana had been for one to be taken during the day and the other would be more effective for sleep. He had a sample bottle of twelve for the supplement used more during the day, without the added sleep aid. So, I accepted the offer and gave them a try. If they helped, it would be a better solution than medication.

Dana gave me a sample bottle of Muscle Ezze. The bottle had twelve pills inside for me to attempt. The idea was to take the supplement in the evening to help with sleep. While the serving size called for taking up to four tables, starting with one felt productive. It seemed important to simply see if one pill had any effect. So, about an hour before my planned time for calling it a day, I took one. The supplement took me slightly by surprise that first evening. While working on my writing it began causing sleepiness sooner than expected. After a half hour or so, it was becoming difficult to keep my eyes open. My body felt almost totally relaxed and the mind pretty worry free. My sleep during that first night was improved. While previous nights had me waking up two or three times during the night. That first night using the supplement only found me waking up once. The sleep has only gotten better while taking the Muscle Ezze before bed. My body still wakes up once or twice during the night. But, I’m beginning to get deeper sleep more consistently through the night. Dreaming has become a more consistent part of my rest than ever before, which signifies deeper levels of rest.

Muscle Ezze has more impact than helping with sleep. Its impact on my rigid muscles can be felt throughout the following day. One of the places it has been felt the most is in the gym. When working out after taking it the night before, the supplement seems to add strength. The first day in the gym with it, my body felt lethargic. It had me wondering if there would be strength to lift weights. As our training session began, the opposite of my thinking took place. Instead of having trouble with the exercises, they felt easier than before. My muscles seemed to be moving more smoothly even though my body was feeling tired. The sensation inside my body was simply more relaxation. That relaxation or feeling of fatigue was actually helping with my work. The tension usually stifling my body had dissipated to some degree. We found more weight could be added to exercises after beginning the supplement. Even while working cardio, things had become easier. My ability to run on the treadmill has expanded with the increased ease with my stride. Reducing the tension throughout my body will seemingly help me work harder inside the gym. My strength and balance possibly continuing to grow into another level.

The impact of this new supplement doesn’t end at sleep or working out. It has helped in other areas as well. The Muscle Ezze has been helping the anxiety I’ve battled most of my life. There has seemed to be a combination of my improved sleep from taking it at night. The other part helping has been its lingering effect on my body during the following day. Its impact on calming my rigidly also helps my mind relax. There hasn’t been the concern over uncontrollable muscle movement of the past. Obviously, this supplement doesn’t have the ability to totally take away the stress cerebral palsy places on my body. But, that simple reduction has begun alleviating worry in my mind. Taking the worry away also seems to begin helping interactions with people. It has started helping with my ability to openly communicate and listen to others. Everything has started off slowly, as the supplement builds in my body. It also seemingly takes time for me to begin trusting these new emotions. When tension subsides, emotions more freely flow and that requires time for adjustment. Most things about life become different when we begin to more calmly interact.

My journey with cerebral palsy continues to unfold. Each time a point of frustration appears, it’s time to find more solutions. This time it was finding further relief for the tension inside my body. There wasn’t any way to know if something was out there beyond that being done now. The thought led to a conversation with my doctor. That conversation was around muscle relaxants, which I thought were out of the question because of addictive qualities. But, the question informed us there were non-habit forming medications to relieve tension. It seemed that relief might help me sleep better and in-turn live with decreased anxiety. All of these conversations brought me somewhere unexpected. They found me in conversation with my chiropractor, who had a more comfortable idea than medication. The Muscle Ezze supplement has helped many cerebral palsy symptoms. There has been relaxation in my muscles helping not just sleep, but working out, typing, and anxiety. It always seemed there wouldn’t be non-habit forming help for my sleep difficulties. I only wish I would have begun asking question sooner.









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