Bosu Squat

As with many exercises in the gym, there continues to be another step. Once we get comfortable with a movement, it seems advantageous to move the movement forward. The concept has been something Bernard has done well. Every time something gets accomplished that didn’t seem possible, he sticks with the concept of pushing forward. The … More Bosu Squat

Bosu Balance

The Bosu Ball has been an important part of working on balance. A tool used in the gym with a flat side on one side and half a ball on the other. We began testing my balance on the ball side. Bernard had me stand on top, attempting to balance on one leg. It didn’t … More Bosu Balance


We had arrived at our final game of the season. A season which was unlike my first year of coaching junior football. In my first year of coaching we completed the season undefeated. Experiencing our first loss when playing for the championship. This year we were going into our final game without having experienced a … More Lightning

A Horse

The horse has been an animal I have little experience around. They are the main focus involved in many shows and movies. A horse has often been an animal of intrigue during my life. Though my only time on horseback was on vacation in my youth. It was an exciting experience and I couldn’t tell … More A Horse


Cerebral palsy can cause a feeling of the world around us being designed for others. It certainly seems true, most of the world we inhabit was structured for those without disabilities. The simple fact leaves us with challenges of finding ways to adjust. Sometimes attempting to make those adjustments can bring on feelings of loneliness. … More Doors

24 inches of Box

Jumping up onto a box has always seemed a fun exercise. A person often jumps from a flat-footed position during the movement. The concept would be to jump up onto the top of a box, landing in a balanced position. The box can vary in height, depending on the ability to leap. My first experience … More 24 inches of Box

The School

This week gave me the opportunity to visit one of the schools in my area. The early childhood center has been a part of our community since I can remember. Serving children with special needs between the ages of three and five years of age. The school was attended by myself as a child. They … More The School

Balance Beam

The journey to improving balance continues with every new challenge. An exciting aspect of working out with Bernard has become new exercises. He finds ways to challenge the obstacles of cerebral palsy with surprising tools. We ventured back to the use of the small purple blocks. The same blocks he has used to measure a … More Balance Beam


Any team probably takes time to gel. Just as any group of people take time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each other. As we learn the things making each of us tick, the journey can be fascinating. Coaching football for the second year has led to different perspectives on the team building process. … More Together