Gotta Want It

Working with a lacrosse ball during training sessions has helped in many ways. it helps with the motor skills in both of my hands. We have improved motor skills by going through a process of gaining skills to catch the lacrosse ball. Most of our work has been done using primarily the left hand. Cerebral … More Gotta Want It

The August Wedding II

They walked through a couple buildings before finding a group from the wedding. He was immediately engaging in conversation with old friends. Skinny disappeared, being pulled aside by the groom’s father. After visiting with the small gathering, many of whom were part of the bridal party, they found their way to the cocktail hour. They … More The August Wedding II

Another Step

The acceptance of cerebral palsy can be challenging. This process can take many twists and turns through life. For me, the acceptance and understanding of cerebral palsy has been ongoing. While growing up it was challenging to think about my disability. Days were spent placing it out of my mind, attempting to work at physical … More Another Step

The Lacrosse Ball

When thinking about cerebral palsy symptoms it seems important to think about how difficult they can be to handle. Some feel like they have more of an impact than others. One of the most challenging aspects of cerebral palsy has been hand manipulation. More specifically, the manipulation of my left hand. Cerebral palsy has its … More The Lacrosse Ball

Cedar Park

A postcard fall day is one of my favorite things. That was the kind of day greeting us for the fifth game of the season. The drive to the game was pleasant under sunny skies. Fall had reached the northwest with a biting chill in the air. Gone were the short sleeves of summer, replaced … More Cedar Park

West Seattle

Game number four on the Jaguar schedule would be their first with something at stake. West Seattle would make their way to North Creek. It was going to be the first home game of the year for the Jags. West Seattle came into the game only having lost one prior game. The Jags had also … More West Seattle