Dragon 4

The friends walked behind the bar, arriving at the car. They climbed into Todd’s black SUV, as Jason didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. He had drunk his share on this particular evening. Todd, having his normal light night of drinking, drove his friend home. The conversation over Anna continued, as they drove through the … More Dragon 4

More Ball Tossing

Over the last month working on my throwing motion has become a priority. It has helped with the coordinated movement cerebral palsy has hampered. Bernard continues to give me pointers on improving the motion. We have a bucket of twenty medium size balls that we are working with. I attempt to throw each ball into … More More Ball Tossing

The Hallmark

Cannon Beach has always been one of my favorite places. A small town along the northern Oregon Coast. It can be a great place to get away for any amount of time. Last week it was my escape for just one night. Getting down to Cannon Beach often takes between four and five hours from … More The Hallmark

Kinesthetic Awareness

An interest of mine has become learning about body movement. Since cerebral palsy impacts physical movement it has seemed important to understand. My interest in the information hasn’t always been part of my life. The curiosity has increased with my years of working out with a trainer. Another factor raising questions about kinesthetic has been … More Kinesthetic Awareness

Photographic Evidence

It seems we can work toward goals without understanding results. We can put in work each day with improvement taking place slowly. Working out in the gym has often felt this way from my perspective. One way to track progress has been taking body composition measurements. When measurements have been taken in my past they … More Photographic Evidence

Cross-Body Rebound

The rebound exercise has been helping improve CP. We have been working with it for about six months to this point. The exercise involves working with a trampoline and a ten-pound exercise ball. It involves playing catch with myself by throwing the exercise ball against the trampoline and catching its rebound. The movement requires a … More Cross-Body Rebound

Throwing A Ball

Throwing a ball has always been a part of my life. Growing up I threw any kind of ball you could think to throw. The type of ball being thrown or passed often depended on the time of year. During the summers a baseball was thrown, or a tennis ball being used in place of … More Throwing A Ball

The Ski Boot

Skiing has turned out to be one of the best activities for cerebral palsy improvement. The reason stems from the required movement patterns involved. In order to arrive safely at the bottom of a ski slope, many different muscles become involved. We are using all of our limbs. They are all required to move independently … More The Ski Boot

Waikoloa Beach Course

We had just finished the seventh hole of the Beach Course at Waikoloa. The only hole on the course running along the ocean. Just the final hundred yards of the par-5, with the green perched above the Pacific. A whale had surfaced for air during the preparation of my approach into the seventh green. After … More Waikoloa Beach Course