Mt. Si. Golf

Mt. Si is another golf course in the area around home. It sits just outside the town of North Bend. Mt. Si. Golf course is sculpted on land in the shadow of Mt. Si. The course has similarities to Snoqualmie Falls golf course and Tall Chief golf course. Like those courses, Mt Si has a … More Mt. Si. Golf

Snoqualmie Falls Golf

This week we played another local course. Snoqualmie Falls golf course sits in the Snoqualmie valley just outside Fall City. It’s a golf course we’ve begun playing consistently this summer. Snoqualmie Falls has many similarities to the course of my youth. Tall Chief sat about ten minutes from Snoqualmie Falls and the topography of both … More Snoqualmie Falls Golf

Echo Falls

Playing golf around home is different from playing while traveling. There’s much more familiarity with the courses. Echo Falls has been a course played each summer. After having played somewhere so much it’s challenging to remember the first time I played Echo. It’s a unique course winding itself through a neighborhood not far from my … More Echo Falls

Pro Shop Beanie

There aren’t many rounds of golf like this. It was some of the worst conditions in which I’ve played. Crosswater sits at an elevation of 4100 feet and the weather in April can be unpredictable. However, it was a family vacation to Sun River in the high desert of Central Oregon. We have made the … More Pro Shop Beanie

Tall Chief

Let’s stay on the topic of fun. Tall Chief was a golf course in Fall City, Washington. I grew up playing golf there. It was the place I truly learned the game and discovered my passion for golf. Over the 15 years I played golf and worked at Tall Chief I was blessed with many … More Tall Chief

The Palouse

Most things I’ve written about have been fairly serious. It’s important to take a breather sometimes and discuss the fun parts of this journey. Having cerebral palsy is a challenge most days and I began the blog to talk about those challenges. However, I’m fortunate to spend time away from home having fun. Most trips … More The Palouse

Learning to Play

I didn’t know how important golf would become when I learned to play. Through the years it has helped me learn to accept the challenges of cerebral palsy. The game was a passion of my father and like most boys I wanted to do the things he did. Cerebral palsy held me back from participating … More Learning to Play