Cross-Body Rebound

The rebound exercise has been helping improve CP. We have been working with it for about six months to this point. The exercise involves working with a trampoline and a ten-pound exercise ball. It involves playing catch with myself by throwing the exercise ball against the trampoline and catching its rebound. The movement requires a … More Cross-Body Rebound

Throwing A Ball

Throwing a ball has always been a part of my life. Growing up I threw any kind of ball you could think to throw. The type of ball being thrown or passed often depended on the time of year. During the summers a baseball was thrown, or a tennis ball being used in place of … More Throwing A Ball

Lacrosse Ball Progress

It seems with most forms of exercise we experience steps of progression. For a runner, it might mean gaining the ability to run for longer distance. When weight training, progress might come in the form of adding heavier weight. With other forms of movement our improvement may result from making the movement more complex. Making … More Lacrosse Ball Progress

Gotta Want It: 2

It seems positive to want the ball in your hands when the games result is in question. We don’t all play sports, so maybe it’s the desire to lead. Whether leading as a manger, coach, or through friendship. The desire to be the person who becomes relied upon. Still, it could also be the faith … More Gotta Want It: 2

Gotta Want It

Working with a lacrosse ball during training sessions has helped in many ways. it helps with the motor skills in both of my hands. We have improved motor skills by going through a process of gaining skills to catch the lacrosse ball. Most of our work has been done using primarily the left hand. Cerebral … More Gotta Want It

The Ladder

The agility ladder has been another tool used during workouts. Unlike the agility hurdles, the ladder doesn’t focus on moving over something. The ladder tends to focus on footwork and balance. Movement through the agility ladder seems to happen at an increased pace, with smaller movements. It also challenges my balance, hampered by cerebral palsy, … More The Ladder


One of the most important factors of battling cerebral palsy has been movement. Cerebral palsy begins causing the most pain when we don’t work on flexibility. Using the agility hurdles was new for workouts with Bernard. When working with Ian, agility wasn’t part of our workout program. Even before working with Ian, the original trainer … More Hurdles