Dragon 7

The following week crawled by for Todd. Lindsey was away on vacation and he was having a difficult time sleeping. Waking in the darkness of almost each night. Stumbling around in an anxious fog with little knowledge of what to do with himself. In those moments, he would venture onto social media. Looking for anyway … More Dragon 7

Dragon 6

Todd left his beer on the kitchen counter. Walking into the family room, his eyes remained concentrated on the plate. Just beyond the plate he could watch the floor. His sightline looking for anything that could cause a stumble. He held the plate with both hands, hoping to keep the slices of pizza in place. … More Dragon 6

Dragon 5

There wasn’t any way to know if Anna would put Todd’s number to use. Though he felt like devising a plan in case any kind of message was to reach his phone. Something else floating into his thought was the likelihood of running into Anna again. The two seemed to run in the same circle … More Dragon 5

Dragon 4

The friends walked behind the bar, arriving at the car. They climbed into Todd’s black SUV, as Jason didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. He had drunk his share on this particular evening. Todd, having his normal light night of drinking, drove his friend home. The conversation over Anna continued, as they drove through the … More Dragon 4

Dragon 3

Once securely back inside the bar, they noticed their table had been infringed upon. Thinking on their feet, the small group noticed an elevated table next to the main exit of the Dragon. The table was small and of a circular shape. Sitting at about bar height, the table was surrounded by four bar stools. … More Dragon 3

Dragon: 2

The absence of Todd from the developing interaction didn’t seem to be working for Anna. Whether she was simply a person who didn’t exclude people or genuinely wanted to hear what Todd might have to say. Anna began an engagement with Todd by curiously asking what he did for work. It felt like the most … More Dragon: 2

Dragon: 1

The bar was more crowded than usual. It was Saturday night in November and everyone was having fun. He sat with his buddy at the end of a long table. The text had come in just hours before. It wasn’t anything abnormal for a weekend night. Jason wanted to meet at the local watering hole … More Dragon: 1