Dragon 5

There wasn’t any way to know if Anna would put Todd’s number to use. Though he felt like devising a plan in case any kind of message was to reach his phone. Something else floating into his thought was the likelihood of running into Anna again. The two seemed to run in the same circle to some extent. Todd didn’t envision never going to the Dragon again, as it was the spot he and Jason chose to catch up on occasion. He did feel importance around waiting for Lindsey to make her way home. With so much history surrounding their friendship, it felt silly to simply toss aside the possibility due to an encounter. He didn’t yet understand if the encounter was due to chance or something more profound. Todd decided in the moment, Lindsey was the most important dating prospect. Were any kind of text or phone call to cross his iPhone screen, he would let it go without response. Lindsey had occupied his mind for too many years. It felt crucial in the early morning air to see how things played out. He still felt a tinge of guilt for even allowing this kind of situation. With the thought ruminating, the cold air began seeping into his bones. Todd took in the last few moment of the view and walked back toward the SUV.

The action of letting go would protect the people valuable to him. In a moment, we can struggle with processing situations into the future. Moments have a tendency to happen quickly sometimes and actions we might not have made can surface. Todd was thankful for the learning opportunity, especially with a new situation. There didn’t seem to be much harm done, as nothing appeared to carry harmful consequences. He simply gave away his number, which didn’t need to mean anything. He looked both ways before pulling out of the gravel turn out and started down the hill. The sun filled his windshield with the road guiding him past the old dairy farm. Back into some winding corners of the old country road he ventured. The final leg of his morning drive would involve another straight stretch along the valley floor, up and over another bridge, through a roundabout, and back into his town. The black SUV was reversed into his garage after returning from the morning journey. There remained some work to be done on his weekly blog. Todd tried to post once per week on something about cerebral palsy in his world. The goal was to help people better understand what life with CP was like. But, also to share the things he did to help strengthen his journey. He always hoped it would inspire someone with cerebral palsy who may be experiencing a difficult patch. He had faced a few challenging moments himself.

Writing the blog wasn’t always an easy task. The tools Todd required to achieve the writing didn’t always function well. Cerebral palsy took a toll on the operating of his wrists and hands. Fine motor movements were a concept learned early in his youth. To him, it related mostly to his ability to use his hands and fingers. The fingers on his hands had challenges moving freely, not only of one another, but simply as a general rule. This meant things like typing on a keyboard could be more challenging. Fatigue would set in earlier than someone not experiencing the disability. He had read somewhere recently that individuals with cerebral palsy used three to five times more energy. The statistic stuck him as odd, because Todd wouldn’t have any way to know how much reality was in the statement. Having incurred cerebral palsy at birth, he wouldn’t know any different. Many physical functions of life were naturally modified through trial, to be achieved with CP. Writing was one of those physical activities which took some modification. He understood the time spent at the keyboard could be limited, due to stress inflicted on his hands. So, working on the blog often required some pacing to get everything written. He would try writing a certain amount of words in a given day. Hoping by strengthening his hand through writing, working out with a trainer, and seeing a chiropractor, the amount of words produced in a day would eventually rise. For now, he could muster a couple paragraphs in any given day. He sat down at the computer to complete the work on his weekly blog.

The sun was peeking through the blinds of Todd’s home office. The space originally designated as a breakfast nook, but he had a desk in the space with a desktop computer. He sipped the iced coffee while typing out his final few thoughts. Before he had time to look up from his writing it was late morning. Todd heard his phone vibrate on the kitchen counter. Walking over to peer at the screen he found a message from Jason. “I’ll be there in an hour” was all the text read. He took a moment to let the words bounce around his mind. What was Jason talking about, he pondered. Had they planned an activity for Sunday afternoon? Todd walked back to his work with the subject on his mind. Resting back into his chair, the light went off in his head. They had planned to watch an afternoon football game at the home of Jason’s buddy. Jason had known Ken for just a few years after meeting at the Dragon. His wife Tonya was a cocktail server on the weekends, as something to do part-time. Tonya spent her weeks at home with their young son and the couple had their second on the way. He remembered making plans with Jason and Tonya to come by their home to watch football. So, Todd did some quick figuring in his mind and determined the blog could be completed and posted within the hour. He walked back to the phone and simply typed, “sounds good.”

Jason was usually on time and this day was no different. He arrived one hour after the text had come through on Todd’s phone. Todd was just finishing the process of tying his shoes when the doorbell rang. With the blog posted, he walked to open the front door.

“What’s up?” Todd greeted, pulling open the door.

“Not much, I thought we’d pick up pizza before heading up to Ken and Tonya’s.”

“Sounds good.” Todd replied. He swung the door closed behind him and followed Jason to his truck.

Todd climbed up into the black Dodge Ram and the friends headed for the pizza place. They stopped by to put-in their order of a couple pizzas. Once that was taken care of, the plan was to head across the street to the grocery store. While the cooking of their afternoon lunch was underway, they picked up some beer and chips for everyone. Arriving back at the pizza place, the pizzas were ready. Everything was situated in the truck, as not to slide around, and off they went. Getting up to the house was no easy task. Ken and Tonya bought a beautiful farm home outside of town. The Ram truck wound around corners, climbing the hills behind their small town. About twenty minutes later, they pulled into the drive of a two-acre property. The drive lined with nicely kept hedges. They parked in front of the garage, unloaded the pizza and beer to accompany a football game, and walked up the steps leading to the front door. Todd had never been to the house. Like many in their community it was farmhouse style, but larger than Jason’s parents’ home. The inside was modern in design with spacious rooms. They made their way to the expansive kitchen, setting the food on the center island. The guys grabbed a beer, while Tonya reached into the fridge for a bottled water. Each filling their plate with some pizza, they wondered into the family room for football.




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